Week 11: Making connections


Proposed week theme by Outreachy was: “Making connections”. So, our goal this week was to start brain storming with our mentors about three people for us to approach for an informational chat about their career or their role as a free software contributor.

We have some names on the table but we have to discuss a little more to have our final list. And after that I will contact them and with luck, I will schedule our chat.

Also, I have been polishing and updating my resumé as it was another of this week’s goals. I applied some interesting and helpful reading tips that Outreachy sent us:

https://www.davidhaney.io/writing-a-great-junior-tech-resume/ https://medium.com/free-code-camp/writing-a-killer-software-engineering-resume-b11c91ef699d

I focused more on the second one, as it is addressed to software engineering jobs.

One of the most interesting tip to me was the advice of use the “Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]” formula. It’s the most effective and most apparent way of showing recruiters/managers your impact.

And you can use the useful word bank that the writer provides you to do it.

Also Outreachy provides the opportunity of sending resumés to an expert who has offered to review them. So I will send it and I will apply the received suggestions.


Part 2 has also moved forward this week, as I have implemented all changes that a reviewer suggested in advance for this commit.

In addition, I have been propagating the use of the enum return codes to bisect-helper.c functions in the corresponding commits in my latest branch. There were some bisect functions that it was able to convert all return codes into the new bisect enum codes ( and also change the header return type). Like for example: bisect_skip() or bisect_log(). And there were others like bisect_run() that uses some of enum returns in code and it can not be fully converted because the function can return some other codes that come from other origins like for example run_command_v_opt().


After some initial suggestions no other reviews came from the community, so I prepared the next version (v4) and sent it to the mailing list. I hope it will be reviewed soon and this part 1 could be integrated in the project.

Thank you for reading!


On review
Released as part of v2.25.0

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