Week 12: Patch series part 1 will queue!


Last week, I sent my patch series part 1 v4. After some time without getting any answer, I started to get nervous because Outreachy’s deadline was close. Finally, after four days without news, I received an email saying the part 1 will queue. Great, I am so happy!!!.


Now, the next step is waiting until part 1 is in next branch to send patch series part 2. It is formed by 10 patches about reimplementations of some git bisect subcommands and removal of some other temporary subcommands.

I have already prepared the cover letter to send it as soon as possible. It would be great if I could send it before Outreachy ends, but if not, I will send it after that because I would like to continue contributing.

I have also implemented some refactoring for patch series part 2, adding a new function that writes a text on a file, as there was some repetitive code in whole patch series.


This past week I sent my resume to the Outreachy’s reviewer and I am looking forward to receive the feedback and apply the advice!.

Also, I sent some emails for the informal chats, and I have already had the first chat and I will have another one next Thursday.

My first informal chat was very interesting and I got some advice to write down. I talked with a former engineering manager at Red Hat with many years of experience in FOSS. One of the most interesting tips, related with finding a job in FOSS companies, is that unless they are looking for some very specific profile, what they look for on your resume, it is that you have contributed to FOSS projects. So the more you contribute gets you more chance to get hired, and if it is related with the project/company you are applying to is even better. Another interesting advice is that it is very important to attend FOSS congresses and events, but to try to get a job or to be known in the community it is better to attend specific ones. And as Git is my first FOSS community, he gave me a list of other FOSS communities and projects to look at.

Thank you for reading!


Will queue
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