Week 5 and 6: Refining patch series


In my previous post, I explained one of the improvements I was coding was removing goto statements of builtin/bisect-helper.c file. In my first approach, I got rid of all goto’s present in the file. They affected six functions and I made one commit per each one. After discussing with my mentor, only commits related to the patch series I am preparing will be sent and the rest will be done as improvement steps later on.

There were two functions of my patch series with goto’s: bisect_replay() and bisect_skipped_commits(). The scheme followed to removed them was to separate steps in functions and replace goto statements with return calls.

For example: in a nutshell, bisect_replay() is a function that reproduces a bisect session given a log file, and all file processing was done inside it. Now, responsabilities have been separated and there is a main function bisect_replay() that, after checking if file exists and resetting bisect session, calls process_replay_file() which in turn calls process_line(). Finally, bisect_replay() reproduces the session.

This way, we remove goto’s and also functions are organized and splitted by functionalities.

Finally, the changes were squashed in their corresponding commits:

  1. bisect–helper: reimplement bisect_replay shell function in C
  2. bisect–helper: reimplement bisect_next and bisect_auto_next shell functions in C


Also more refining work has been done. For example, making sure that indentation was correct, or applying Git project coding standards such as removing braces ({}) for one-line conditional and loop statements:

if (condition)

was changed by:

if (condition)

Commit messages or subject amending has been done, too.

This work has been performed in cycles. I sent my changes to my mentor and after reviewing, new suggestions arose and I applied them.

We are very close to having a final version branch and generating a patch series that will be sent to the mailing list. After that, I will receive the community feedback, implement pertinent changes and send the new patches versions in order to be integrated in the project.


This week I have also started to move forward some work that still needs to be done, like removing git-bisect.sh from the project, renaming builtin/bisect--helper.c to builtin/bisect.c, changing bisect–helper options name by their final names (without “–bisect-prefix”) for example, to complete the conversion of git bisect from shell to C.

Thank you for reading!


Integrated on master branch

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