Week 7: Patch series sent!


With previous patch series very near to be sent, I started working on future patches. Previous patch series changes end with a complete conversion of all shell commands to C, but git-bisect.sh still exists. To finish the porting to C, we have to get rid of the shell file.

My work now consists on implementing the remaining changes in step by step commits, checking that all things compile and tests pass.

This is the summary of changes:

  • Rename git bisect--helper options as actual git bisect options and remove also the dashdash prefix in calls: for example, git bisect--helper options has a --bisect- prefix added.
  • Remove git bisect--helper extra options that don’t exist in git bisect: for example, --bisect-state or --next-check.
  • Fix code in order to test calls work: git bisect run must be adapted.
  • Review help, documentation an error messages.
  • Finally rename builtin/bisect-helper.c to builtin/bisect.c.
  • Adapt Makefile and generate new command.

The things done as of today are on a branch and are listed below:


My branch is now ready and it is time to write a cover-letter. A cover letter is a text file where the sender explains a summary of changes that have been done to Git community reviewers. When you send a patch series of many patches (in our case 29) a cover letter must be sent, too. It must have a subject that covers the purpose of the patch series and a complete list of yout commits at the end of the file. A draft cover-letter is automatically generated when you execute git format-patch with --cover-letter argument.

So, this past week I have been improving more commit messages or commit titles details and preparing the cover letter checking with my mentor what should or shouldn’t been in the letter.


Finally, I have sent the patch series!. Now I will receive all suggestions and improvements of the reviewers. Next weeks, I will update in the list below the state of all patches.

Thank you for reading!


On review
Integrated on master branch

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