Week 8: First review received

PATCH SERIES FIRST ROUND REVIEW After sending the patch series to Git mailing list, I have received some useful reviews. First, one interesting recommendation was to split the series into smaller groups in order to be easily reviewed. Let me remind that patch series was composed of 29 patches. In this respect, I am preparing a new patch series version with 11 patches that corresponds to preparatory and clean-up commits and all bisect. [Read More]

Week 7: Patch series sent!

LATEST COMMITS With previous patch series very near to be sent, I started working on future patches. Previous patch series changes end with a complete conversion of all shell commands to C, but git-bisect.sh still exists. To finish the porting to C, we have to get rid of the shell file. My work now consists on implementing the remaining changes in step by step commits, checking that all things compile and tests pass. [Read More]