Week 10: Patch series v3 on review!

APPLYING SUGGESTIONS AND SENDING V3 Finishing the patch series v3 and sending it to Git mailing list was my objective for last week. One of the main tasks was to use an enum variable for returning error codes in bisect.c. This has been done including the corresponding enum and explanation in the commit it was introduced, changing return type in bisect.c functions headers and replacing number error codes with their corresponding enum codes in the return calls. [Read More]

Week 9: Debugging

PATCH SERIES UPDATE This week, last patch series version (2) was sent, reviewed, and I have been implementing almost all suggestions in my latest branch. Comments and suggestions topics were about: commit message amending, one commit splitting and code minor fixes and improvements. Also, the issue about using an enum to represent bisect.c return code values, has arisen again. So this will be included in next version. After discussing with my mentor some doubts about remaining suggestions, I will send another version (third) to the mailing list and the cycle will start over. [Read More]