Week 5 and 6: Refining patch series

REMOVING GOTO STATEMENTS In my previous post, I explained one of the improvements I was coding was removing goto statements of builtin/bisect-helper.c file. In my first approach, I got rid of all goto’s present in the file. They affected six functions and I made one commit per each one. After discussing with my mentor, only commits related to the patch series I am preparing will be sent and the rest will be done as improvement steps later on. [Read More]

Week 4: Introducing some improvements

NEW COMMITS I continued with the implementation of some suggestions and improvements this week. I focused on removing goto statements from builtin/bisect-helper.c file. For those not familiar with goto in C, it is a jump statement which transfers the program’s control from one statement to another (where some label is defined). The goto statement is generally discouraged in C, because it alters the sequential flow of logic that is one characteristic of C language. [Read More]