Week 2: Git rebasing and more!

Git rebase One of my tasks this second week was using interactive rebase to organize previous work. Interactive rebase, git rebase -i, is a useful and powerful command that allows you to change your commits in many ways such as editing, deleting, splitting and squashing. You must indicate how far back you want to rewrite commits by telling the command which commit to rebase onto. In my case: $git rebase -i HEAD~30 [Read More]

Week 1: Starting the internship!

This week as an Outreachy intern was mostly about setting up and clarifying some project concepts. Blog One of my first tasks consists on preparing this blog where I will share some internship experiences. Following my mentor’s advice, I used Gitlab Pages. Here, you can publish static websites using a bundle template, either copying an existing example or creating one from scratch. First, I tried with a bundle template based on Hugo, but I ran into some trouble publishing test posts and also some deprecated code warnings appearing in my local server that I couldn’t fix, so finally I downloaded another example based on the same template that worked. [Read More]

Experiences applying to Outreachy

I knew about Outreachy project through a friend. When I read project’s objectives, I loved the initiative!. Also, I have been always curious about Free and Open Source Software, I knew some as user but I had never contributed and this was my chance!! Outreachy has two possible internship periods of thirteen weeks, one in Summer and another in Winter. I applied for Winter period. When applying to Outreachy you have to keep in mind deadline dates that you don’t want to miss, fortunately they are all well explained in Outreachy’s webpage. [Read More]